The best career in the world

I’m so greateful with my parents and with God because they gave me all the tools I need to succeed in my career. And I cannot picture myself doing something else for living.

Getting everything I need

I started my journey long time ago in a small private college in La Guaira -Venezuela after my dream of becoming a doctor vanished. I was sad because being a doctor was what I always wanted to do but God had something better planned for me. My dad suggested about going to college for something else, something like computer science  because I have decided if I cannot study medicine I won’t attended college at all.


Programming? Software development? What was that? 

The first time I made a computer program was a very interested experience. First the language I was programming with was Qbasic. Second I was using wordstart as editor.  Third the OS was Windows 3.11 And the computer hardware was astonished too: Intel 386; 2 MB Ram and 40 MB HHD with a black and white monitor. At that time those were the cutting edge technologies available in the market. The year was 1994 and I had everything I needed to hit the road into the world of IT. 

Today, 23 years and 90 lbs later; I see that I took the right decision and I have my parents and God to thanks for it.

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